JCTC Theatre: Love Letters

JCTC Theatre: Love Letters

Producer: Franco Zerlenga
Director: Jason Beckmann
Actors: Melissa: Claudia Godi Andy: Richard Fiske

Love Letters is a poignant piece on the paths that one’s life can take them on and the scars that life inflicts on us. It follows the story of two childhood friends who regardless of their distance share a life long connection via love letters. A.R. Gurney captures the shifting voices of the two characters, Melissa and Andy as they transform through time. But regardless of what happens to them or between them, they always share that connection. In a time like today when there is a lack of listening between people especially through social media, we need a play like this that shows the value of human connection even if it isn’t face to face. Love Letters has had a bright history having been performed by several famous actors such as Mia Farrow Tom Hanks, Carol Burnett, Martin Sheen and Anjelica Houston.



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