The Johnny Cash Show

The Johnny Cash Show

The Johnny Cash Show featuring Rockabilly Guitarist Scotty L. From New York to Nashville Scotty L has been singing and playing the wonderfully profound songs of the man in black. You will be rocked throughout the whole show and as happy as if you had just seen the man in black himself. Enjoy a live high energy performance of guitar and vocals accompanied by upright bass and drums.Book The Johnny Cash Show and make your next event a sure fire success!

The Sharkskins

From the murky depths of the Delaware River, comes the tri-state area's premier surf/spy band, the Sharkskins! Da 'Skins are a group of individuals summoned by the spirit of the great Watusi Tuna Kahuna, the Atlantic god of surf and dance to go forth and bring sounds inspired by his greatness. Come and feel the power & the fury of the reverb-drenched sound of da 'Skins and soon, you too will bow at the altar of the "Big Tuna Kahuna"!

Gas Money

Since 1994. Estrus in 96'. Two Indie CD's 2001 and 2006. Interviewed one time in my life--by Bob Edwards on XMPR in feb 2006 after 22 dollars came out. Love playing in worn out old bars in Pa and NJ.

The National Bird

The National Bird plays original rock music, dragging the best sounds & attitude of the garage era to the light of modern day. Like a lumbering old hot rod, setting air electric with thumping power-pop tunes and acid rock redux, TNB grinds it out like an old nailhead Buick 401 shot full o' hi-test blasting down an abandoned runway of the desert past. Come roll with the grand purveyors of jalopy-rock, the philosophers of fuzz, the dukes of distortion, the ragged revelers of rhythm, our heroes The National Bird, as they set the very air afire with cracklin' '60's style rock n' roll noise.



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The Johnny Cash Show with The Sharkskins, Gas Money, The National Bird

Saturday, December 8 · 9:00 PM at North Star Bar