Square Hammer

Square Hammer is a band hailing from Helltown California, paying tribute to Ghost by spreading their gospel to the masses.

A multicultural group of people from different corners of the world, against all odds of ever meeting, joined forces to bring about a message of union and uprising against the forces that hold the every-man down.

From their base in Hollywood California, THE MÆNSION hit the road hot and fast, bringing their message across 16 countries to date, on hundreds of "riots" organized as a grassroots movement, without the backing of big corp, only thanks to the support of local communities embracing their vision and message. Will you stand up and let your voice be heard?

"We are the army of the people, Power to us, Power to us!", "Say it! Say it! We are not gonna follow you!". These are just some of the slogans chanted along with the crowds during their "RIOTS" happening around the globe.

Freak On A Leash

Started in December of 2012, Freak On A Leash was never intended to be more than a one time performance. Consisting of a group of fellow musicians ranging from the areas of Chicagoland to Northwest Indiana, the group played their first show on Saturday, December 8th at Another Hole In the Wall in Steger, Illinois.

The entire set was well documented through a High Definition video and with the help of You Tube and Trashmouth Films, Freak On A Leash has started to make people talk. With a fresh tribute scene brewing in the Chicagoland area, Freak On A Leash have slowly started to climb into that limelight in 2013.

In less than a year, the tribute act has booked shows at several reputable venues throughout the region as well as acquired their own booking agent. Expect big things from them in 2014!

Cold Faction

What is that noise coming out of prison city Jackson, Michigan? It's the sound 4 musicians who refuse to let music die in their town. They are Cold Faction

As the anchors of media continue to pull band after band down to a place where self identity is nearly impossible to maintain, Laurentian tides wades through this maelstrom to venture into the complexity of humanity’s abyss.

Tom, Richardoug, Billy, and Alex bring symmetrical melodies to a swirl of chaotic tones with influences such as the Deftones, Animals as Leaders, The Chariot, Tool, Opeth, Scale the Summit, The Ocean, Candiria, etc.


$10.00 - $15.00


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