The Furors, Lys Guillorn and Her Band, Forest Harlow

The Furors

A pair of musicians; Derek Holcomb and Tom Dans first teamed up almost 30 years ago to write and record songs, they’ve been playing the New Haven scene for the past 25 years.

Lys Guillorn and Her Band

Lys Guillorn & Her Band play an undefinable mix of psych-folk-rock-twang, kinda like Nancy Sinatra on a grunge bender. Lys Guillorn is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who loves her '72 Fender Mustang. She will be accompanied by her trusty rhythm section -- drummer Peter Riccio (The Sawtelles), bassist Eric Bloomquist (Bronson Rock, Chica Non Grata). Guillorn has two full-length studio records, an oddities collection, and a bunch of EPs and singles, all available on Bandcamp. Her most recent release is the single "Chipped Fingernails", released in February of 2019.



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