Sabaton - The Great War

Since Sabaton's inception on the threshold of a new millennium in picturesque Swedish town of Falun, this heavy metal giant has conquered landmark after landmark, reached quadruple platinum sales and performed mega-sized concerts all over the world – within the realms of harder rock music.

However, despite Sabaton's neverending passion to write explosive tales about remarkable historical turning points, these relentless bravehearts have always had just one crystal-clear goal: to march fearlessly towards next battles.

- Our ninth studio recording "The Great War" is performed, mixed and mastered – and we couldn't be happier about this metallic milestone, says bassist and lyricist Pär Sundström and continues:

- "The Great War" is another concept record from the vaults of fascinating military history, and within its rich musical and lyrical journey, we full-heartedly dive into sinister atmosphere of World War I – a colossal military conflict that shook the whole planet hundred years ago.

Masterpiece after masterpiece, these Swedish storytellers have been able to carry out endlessly catchy power-influenced heavy metal. No need to worry: the magic happens and untouched frontiers are once again occupied by the epic-sounding "The Great War".

- "The Great War" is musically and lyrically the most affluent Sabaton-release to date. The recording offers familiar-sounding, multi-layered and melodically rich Sabaton metal lunacy, not forgetting unexpected twists and turns. After all, it's still 100% pure Sabaton-crafted heavy metal album ©, describes singer and musical mastermind Joakim Brodén.

Next in line? Another long-lasting world tour – entitled "The Great Tour".

- We simply can't wait to get in front of our beloved fans. Along the upcoming touring path, we will also be performing a very special 20-year-anniversary show on the holy grounds of Wacken Open Air. Do I have to add that it is shaping up to be a show not to miss?

For ninety-nine percent of comrades, successful studio album and voluminous world tour would be enough. Well, not for these warlords.

- With respected TimeGhost History Channel and renowned historian Indiana Neidell, we have established Sabaton History Channel, says Sundström.

- On weekly YouTube episodes, we are telling in-depth stories and details behind our songs. We already have tens of thousands of subscribers and the number is growing as we speak... Another dream accomplished!


Swedish Heavy/Power Metal band formed in Gothenburg 1993.

Joacim Cans - Vocals
Oscar Dronjak - Guitar
Pontus Norgren - Guitar
Fredrik Larsson - Bass
Johan Koleberg - Drums

Former members:
Anders Johansson (Drums, 1999-2014)
Stefan Elmgren (Guitar, 1997-2008)
Magnus Rosén (Bass, 1997-2007)
Jesper Strömblad (Drums, 1993-1997)
Patrik Räfling (Drums, 1997-1999)
Johan Larsson (Bass, 1993-1994)
Niklas Sundin (Guitar, 1993-1995)
Glenn Ljungström (Guitar, 1995-1997)
Mikael Stanne (Vocals, 1993-1996)
David Wallin (Drums, 2014-2016)

$28.50 - $43.50


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