Lynette SheByrd are the queens of Southern Rock. Out of "Southyrn" California, this band of mega-talented female musicians expresses the unconquered spirit that helped put the genre on the map. Lynette captures the essence of Vintage Southern Rock, tapping into those halcyon days when a concert was experienced with all the senses. If the past is indeed a prologue to their musical journey, then Lynette SheByrd is nothing less than timeless. With a badass rock-chick authority, these magnificent music mavens transport the classics into the modern era.

Keeney Brothers Band

The Keeney Brothers are a Fresno, CA based band that has been performing for over 30 years. Billing themselves as "The Last Real Southern Influenced Outlaw Country Band", they play too loud, too fast and never play a song like the record. They let the audience on the stage, and members change up instruments during the set. On a good night, they are a tough act to follow.

$13.00 - $16.00


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