PSF 2019 - Cups and a Half, Bad Medicine, Unstoppable Failure

Cups & A Half

Cups & A Half is an all-female comedy team based out of Philadelphia, PA. They explore determined characters that try to "live their best" and make the most out of extreme circumstances and dire situations. Since their debut performance at Good Good Comedy's 'The Look', Cups & A Half have also performed at Philly Improv Theater (PHIT) and the 2017 Bechdel Test Fest.

Cups & A Half is written and performed by Susannah Holub, Christine Honey, Alexis Howland, Ruthie Iglesias, and Alyssa Truszkowski. They are directed by Jolie Darrow.

Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine is a Washington DC-based sketch comedy group specializing in the dark, the cerebral, and the absurd. Though it has humble beginnings--conceived over a plate of tater tots--Bad Medicine has quickly grown into one of the most eclectic sketch groups in the DC and features a cast trained by Second City, the Upright Citizen's Brigade, Washington Improv Theater, District Improv, and DoJo Comedy. They are a group of singers, designers, lawyers, and students with the shared goal of writing the best sketch comedy about the worst of humanity. Notable festivals include NYC SketchFest, Philly Sketchfest 2016, Charm City Comedy Festival (Baltimore) and Summer Improv Medley (DC).

Bad Medicine are a group of DC singers, designers, lawyers, and students with the shared goal of writing the best comedy about the worst of humanity; No side effects. No horse pills. No cure.

Unstoppable Failure

A Sketch Comedy Ensemble that has been described as "A lot of high energy fun" Unstoppable Failure began years ago in Greensboro, North Carolina and will continue until the heat death of the universe. They have been official selections at SF Sketchfest, the NYC Sketch Festival, The New South Comedy Festival, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and The North Carolina Comedy Festival.

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