Delbert McClinton

Delbert McClinton

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love Delbert McClinton and those who haven’t heard him yet. Delbert is always working on The music of Delbert McClinton – a seamless fusion of country, blues and Texas Roadhouse sound – has long been one of America’s richest artistic treasures. The Texas-born singer, songwriter and harmonica wizard has been rocking records and roadhouses for more than 50 years, with unparalleled musical versatility. Rolling Stone vouches for him with an entire article titled Why Delbert McClinton Is an Americana Godfather.

“If we could all sing like we wanted to, we’d all sing like Delbert.” - Lyle Lovettthat second group.

Lyle Lovett has said, “If we could all sing like we wanted to, we’d all sing like Delbert.”

The multi-Grammy Award winning artist is at the top of his game with his 19th studio album, Prick Of The Litter (Hot Shot Records/Thirty Tigers). The new offering captures the balance of soulful energy and restraint that the legendary performer has been delivering in his live performances for decades all over the world. On Prick of the Litter, Delbert incorporates a variety of styles, and as always, just enough to keep him comfortably outside the traditional marketing categories.



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