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Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Georgetown Lombardi was one of the first National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers in the country and remains the only such center in the greater D.C. area. NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers like Georgetown Lombardi attract the best and the brightest doctors, nurses, scientists, and researchers. And when you attract the best, you do the best work. With the help of its supporters, Georgetown Lombardi continually develops exciting new technologies for cancer care, attracts the greatest talent in the field of cancer, and helps patients live longer with a higher quality of life.

Ending Cancer Starts Here. Georgetown Lombardi.
Washington’s only Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Friends of Lombardi

Friends of Lombardi (FOL) is a networking group for young professionals in the DC Metro Area. In addition to helping our community develop strong, long-lasting professional relationships, this group also aims to meet the strategic development objectives of the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in its mission to increase awareness and funding for cancer research. We accomplish this through a series of events, promotions, and activities aimed at raising funds and generating awareness for Georgetown Lombardi in the local DC metropolitan area community.

For additional information, please contact Brett Schweitzer at bschweitzer6@gmail.com.

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