Xenia Rubinos

Xenia Rubinos

Music maker Xenia Rubinos uses her powerful voice to create beats and melodies from scratch. Xenia’s sound grows from a wide range of influences from r&b and hip-hop to Caribbean rhythms all delivered with a soulful punk aura. Her debut record, Magic Trix, is an ecstatic collection of songs featuring layered beats, crunchy keyboards, and driving syncopated rhythms.

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Baffler contributing editor and “Downstream” columnist Liz Pelly leads a conversation on the music streaming economy, our new era of artist exploitation, and how independent artists are threatened by the depredations of the music industry. Fellow streaming critic David Turner, publisher of the newsletter Penny Fractions, joins the discussion—along with several of the musicians set to perform. Music begins with Blood Club, the dissonant experimental solo project of Liana Hell Lean, also front-person of NYC hardcore band Decisions. We’ll then hear from NYC four-piece Public Practice, (former members of WALL and Beverly) who use deadpan post-punk to meditate on perception and our distorted realities. Closing out the night is experimental pop master Xenia Rubinos. She draws from funk, soul, indie rock, hip-hop, R&B, and a prism of other influences, and applies the nuance to lyrical content: identity, politics, undervalued labor, borders, and more.

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