Laura Hayden as seen on Comedy Time, Sirus XM Radio, Stand Up in Stilettos and more!

Laura Hayden as seen on Comedy Time, Sirus XM Radio, Stand Up in Stilettos and more!

Laura has a natural talent for making people laugh. This skill allows her to adapt from host to feature to headliner and even produce shows with ease and professionalism. Laura works every venue like a pro, earning her call backs at clubs and festivals across the North America, the Middle East and Europe. Laura skillfully tailors her content for each venue and audience, easily shifting from G rated to unrated without sacrificing timing or laughs.
Laura is the mastermind behind the multimedia comedy show “I Didn’t Mean To Be A Virgin In The 80s”. Deemed 40 Year Old Virgin meets Hot Tub Time Machine meets Rocky Horror Picture Show. “I Didn’t Mean To Be A Virgin In The 80s” takes a hilarious look at Laura’s sad but true tale of being left at the altar and then chasing love all while the world partied like it was 1999. The show earned billing at the famed 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as showing at venues across California.
Laura brings to the table a rare mix of professionalism, humor and experience both as a performer and producer of comedy shows. Known as a hard worker and easy going, Laura has skilled panache when dealing with the unpredictable nature of live entertainment. Laura has earned a reputation as a excellent host, feature and headliner. Laura has run a very successful weekly comedy show for over 4 years at Seal Beach Hennessey’s. The show is so successful that she will be venturing into another weekly show at Manhattan Beach Hennessey’s. And Laura’s Comedy Cupcake Show at Bogey’s in Redondo Beach is stepping in to its second year. Furthermore, Laura will be taking her skills back to Edinburgh to host “The Sweet Release” a cabaret show at the upcoming 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival . All of that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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