Wood & Wire w/ Jay Roemer Band (Patio Set), Hazel Hue (Patio Set)

Wood & Wire

The Texas songwriter tradition casts a long shadow today, and Austin-based Americana roots juggernauts Wood & Wire could easily rattle off a long list of songwriters that inspire them from Willie Nelson to James McMurtry, and everyone in between. But ask them about what it is about Texas that brought us so many great songwriters, and they stop cold. That’s because they don’t romanticize their culture or their past, they’re too busy working their asses off making new music, writing new songs. This isn’t a land made for quiet reflection, it’s a land made for hard work. Respect for honest labor is a central theme in Wood & Wire’s 2018 GRAMMY Nominated album for “Best Bluegrass”, North of Despair ( Blue Corn Music), with songs populated by people like songwriter Tony Kamel’s own grandfather, who built the family’s hunting lodge in Llano, Texas with his own two hands. The characters on the album live large, and aren’t afraid to share their opinions about the modern world. This kind of vivid, haunting songwriting focused on lives spent deep in the countryside is a hallmark of Texas songwriting. But it’s the melding of this hard country songwriting with high-octane bluegrass instrumentation that makes for Wood & Wire’s signature sound. Artists like John Hartford have trod this ground before, mixing up great songs, bluegrass virtuosity, and a strong sense of place, and Wood & Wire aim to pave the way for Austin’s roots scene, bursting out of the giant expanses of the state with a fully-fledged vision for a new Texan sound. On North of Despair, they bring the ferocity of their live shows to the studio, whipping through barn-burning anthems about hard people in hard times.

Jay Roemer Band

With the 2019 release of his second studio effort, “A Sea Of Scars & Tales To Tell”, Jay Roemer has proven himself to be among the most gifted songwriters in the thriving Colorado Bluegrass/Americana scene. Deeply focused on intriguing lyrics, along with some stylish guitar work, his songs continue to connect with all types of audiences. Jay Roemer Band features Dan Andree, Matt Cantor, and Allen Cooke.

Tulip, Hazel Hue’s first album, is a stunning debut of original and old-time bluegrass music. Bridger Dunnagan (fiddle, mandolin, voice) and Alex Koukov (guitar, banjo, voice) weave together a sound that both harkens back to their centuries-old bluegrass roots, and revitalizes the tradition with an array of colorful new tones and textures. Tulip showcases the two artists’ exceptional musicianship, as they seamlessly transition between instruments and synchronize in perfect harmony. Their melancholy tenor voices, poignant lyrics, and instrumental mastery run together like watercolor paints, colliding in a rich sound that stands apart from any other in the bluegrass scene.

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