Road To Compound Sound Feat. Spectacle, MIDIcinal, Mass Relay (DJ Set), Bankaji

Longevity Productions

Music: brings ones from diverse backgrounds into a realm of similar objective parallelism. Creates happiness or invokes emotional response. Overall bridges a gap unimaginable by many but for seen by few.

Longevity Productions is a company that thrives to bring you the best acts and all around musical experiences they can provide. Working with people in the local Northern Colorado community to bring art of all styles together. We focus on artist booking, artist management, promotion, and event facilitation.

It was launched by Bri Long in September of 2017. With the help of her community and friends around her, her dream and love of music has finally manifested into a career.

Current booking roster:
Elctrx | TwoScoops | Genetic Concepts | Cezbot
Bass Prophets | Dj Wadada | Pitta Patta | Jimeni

Angry Neighbor brings creativity and fun back into the party. The feeling of being spontaneous and free. We represent artist as well as host parties. Our philosophy is one of networking and bringing everyone in the community together to share in success.

Featured artist include:
Droplitz (Mgmt only)
Davey Daydream
Looney Ando

In the winter of 2015, a striking new voice formed in the heart of Denver’s electronic music scene. Spectacle’s orchestral instrumentation (violin, percussion, guitar) quickly made the outfit stand out amongst the crowd; each show being an experience, that is refreshingly original. Hard hitting drops, alongside afro-cuban percussion make for an irresistible groove and a heady tropical soundscape. Beautiful soaring violin melodies, and deep rhythmic bass synth lines drive each musical passage through every member of the audience. Band members Michael Mahan, Jessica Borth, and Rob Brandon work in unity gripping the crowd for a show that is both mesmerizing and captivating from start to finish. Spectacle brings their audience through an innovative and dynamic journey show after show after show...


MIDIcinal is the electro-funk, hip hop, bass and soul music producer, Scott Rhatigan. Currently based in Denver, CO, Scott is constantly exploring new boundaries of his production. Often times including a drummer or a horns player during his live sets, you will find yourself moving to a mix of classic old school boom bap with a new age bass-funk twist.
MIDIcinal has quickly gained a respect and a following in Colorado, sharing the stage recently with acts such as MartyParty, Turkuaz, Vibe Street, SoDown, Muzzy Bearr, Andreilien, Phutureprimitive, SuperVision and more! With plans to hit both the Midwest and the East Coast in early 2018, it’s advised that you keep an eye and an ear out for MIDIcinal as he pushes his limits to bring you what you need!

The Denver based live glitch-hop duo Mass Relay is turning heads across the country. Fans have described their music as glitch-hop/future funk/ and IDM. Mass Relay stands out not only with their enticing twist of futuristic sound design with funky/moving arrangements, but also their virtuosic use of live guitar/bass and improvisation. Winning the 2015 Untz Challenge sparked their musical journey, performing at 8 major music festivals that year including Electric Forest, Wakarusa, Summer Camp, and Sonic Bloom. Their success in the festival scene led to their debut EP release “Timeless” on renowned glitch-hop label Adapted Records, reaching #2 in the”Top Monthly Downloads” on, as well as #14 on Beatport’s “Top Glitch-Hop Releases”. Other notable events in 2015 include being added to the Mile High Sound Movement, as well as appearing twice on Mochipet’s “Psilocybin Samurai Remix Album”. With over 16 years of experience playing music together, Mass Relay aims to continue to explore new musical possibilities, and to offer a familiar, yet fresh sound for their fans. Musicianship combined with a driving curiosity will continue to push the sound of Mass Relay.

Sound Design from the depths of my grandma's basement, Developed from psychedelic substances and reruns of 90's kid shows. Bankaji replicates your most favored fever dreams into musical form.

$10 Advance / $12 Day of Show

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