I Am Tim, Charlie & The Rays, Lizzie Blazquez

I Am Tim

Charlie & The Rays

New York-based band Charlie and the Rays, fronted by sisters Rebecca and Jordan Stobbe, meld traditional folk with contemporary rock. Forming as buskers on the streets of Pike Place Market in Seattle, the sisters played covers of their inspirations including Peter, Paul, and Mary and The Everly Brothers. The band highlights powerful female vocal harmonies, exuberant guitar licks and McCartney-esque basslines, creating a new take on a classic sound. With an innate awareness and desire for political involvement and social equality, their music not only holds the intimacy of traditional love songs, but much of their music also bears an uplifting sense of revolution.

Lizzie Blazquez

Lizzie Blazquez is a bilingual actress, model and musician. She learned to play guitar at seven years old and later began writing her own songs. In the early years of her career Lizzie was working on a pop rock sound, played with a band and released her first single called "Tanto de Nada" in Miami, FL, shortly after making a music video for the single. The music video was aired on HTV (Well known Latin American music network). The video is currently found on Youtube if you search Lizzie Blazquez. Lizzie also recorded a version of Knocking on Heavens Door which can also be found online at her Reverbnation Page www.reverbnation.com/lizzieblazquez

Lizzie currently lives in New York and is working on her new music which has more of an electronic flavor, today which is called EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and is doing shows at various parties and private events like Latina Magazine, Club El Marquee, etc.



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