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Every band needs a distinctive voice; The Hell Yeah Babies have three. Guitarists Mike Pfeiffer and Sam Paxton and bassist Dylan Roth swap lead vocals, stack harmonies, and weave countermelodies with a joyful synergy that evokes One Direction as much as it does The Beatles. Together with drummer Julian Ames, they craft pop songs with instantly memorable hooks but also layers of musical intrigue—the kind of songs that if you want to sing along (and you will), you’ll have a half-dozen parts to choose from. If Elvis Costello, Rivers Cuomo, and Jack Antonoff started a boy band, it’d sound like The Hell Yeah Babies.

Tommy Zamp

While touring with Tommy's former bands Fixer and Circus Life, he has had the opportunity to share the stage with some of todays biggest rock bands like The Beastie Boys, Blondie, Blue Oyster Cult and Theory of a Deadman and even played with members of Candelbox, Fuel and Tantric.

Tommy started his current band Circus Life and has toured across the US and UK. With two Circus Life releases under his belt and his debut solo album slated for late summer, Tommy remains busy with studio recordings and plenty of solo shows. For more information and tour dates go to

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