PONCÉ, Pine Pitch, Phainopepla, Compostella

• “PONCÉ has zeroed in on what makes a good marriage of earnest pop and glossy rock, and they’ve channeled it into a batch of eight danceable, hook-laden songs.” - NASHVILLE SCENE

• “The brothers have that “twin-bond” which makes for tight riffs and a cohesive overall sound that should bring them far.” - PANCAKES AND WHISKEY

• “Every track is absolutely glowing with their genre-bending talent. The majority of the recording belongs alongside the best of the best of yesteryear, and we’ve been spinning it on repeat.” - IMPOSE MAGAZINE

PONCÉ is a dynamic pop rock duo based in Nashville, TN consisting of twin brothers Carson and Michael Poncé. The twins efficiently cross genres; from classic, harmony-driven melodies reminiscent of Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, to modern, synth-led pop productions with melodic guitar leads evocative of The Killers and HAIM. The twin’s debut EP ‘Afterglow’ was released in April 2017 and has enjoyed spins on over 50 college radio stations throughout the country and has generated licensing deals with MTV, Netflix, NASCAR and E! among others. The album was largely written during the course of touring while opening up for the alternative folk / indie pop band PHOX in 2015.

Pine Pitch


Phainopepla’s music can most easily be described by the bird of the same name. Although the phainopepla is known to travel throughout the summer from the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest to California, its specific migrations are relatively unknown and inconsistent. Like the phainopepla, Jake Morris began his life in Tucson, AZ, playing small local rock clubs and jazz gigs, eventually migrating to California in adulthood. Now based in Oakland, the multi-instrumentalist/producer experiments with the marriage of electronic beats and pop sensibilities, resulting in a blend of sounds that transcends specific genre. He creates music that represents the ebbs and flows of emotion that we experience throughout our lives: from hard-hitting indie rock to solitary acoustic strums; from house and techno inspired four-on-the-floor beats to soft falsetto sung over traditional jazz chords and structures. While he may find himself lost within the world that he built in Phainopepla, he is unrestricted by any musical expectation.

how to remove a bee stinger, Phainopepla’s debut album, examines the methods in which we cope with stress and anxiety throughout early adulthood. The project grew out of the palpable sense of tension that results from an uncertain future, both on a macro and personal level. The album begins in regret and confusion, ultimately stepping backwards and stripping away insecurities. Although the source of confusion is never fully resolved, Phainopepla reaches a level of stability which may assist in lighting the path to his own happiness. This album was inspired by the dichotomy between energetic sleepless nights and reflective days of silence and solitude. It was recorded at Pine Box Studio, an independent recording studio located deep in the Sierras. how to remove a bee stinger is available for streaming and digital purchase June 15th, 2018.



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