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John Errol

JOHN ERROL is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and
producer based in Los Angeles. Before he started making music as a solo artist,
Errol got his leg up in the Brooklyn music scene playing keys for the doomy altfolk
band Starred, opening for the likes of Psychic TV, DIIV, and Courtney
Love. Between shows, Errol studied literature at Bard College (home to DIY
acts like Palberta and Palm), completing a thesis on the disruptive & textural
works of William Faulkner. This literary background remains at the heart of his
music project, found in self-reflexive and acidic lyricism inspired by equal parts
Elliott Smith and Anne Carson.
Errol has been quietly experimenting with methods of writing,
producing, and engineering his own material since the band’s dissolution,
accumulating up to three album’s worth of unreleased music. The 2018 release
of “Dead Man Walking” broke this spell, a genre-splicing ballad met with
surprising acclaim from the FADER and Apple Music, among others.
This very inability to articulate himself became the life-force of the
project, culminating in a body of work which documents a pursuit of voice at
the close of an often frightening and loud decade. Citing Blackout era Britney,
Low era Bowie, and The Downward Spiral era NIN as primary sources, Errol
plans to release his debut EP titled Blue Flame at the summer’s end, a textured
and maximalist effort capable of shrill and nuance in the same sentence.


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