Peacock Room's 2nd Annual Reunion Party

Jim O'Rourke & Rainy Day

A Rock n Roll Quad from the Greater Orlando Tri-County Axis

Disc Jockey in Orlando, Florida since who plays an eclectic style of different genres and moods. A member of Funk Off, Brownsville and the World Famous, Famous Brothers. Have played many different gigs in Orlando, Cocoa, Tampa, Gainesville, Atlanta and New York. Opened for Richard Devine, DJ Sage, Dj Craze, DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Latryx, Tomahawk and Japanese classical post rock group Mono since 20

Producing and musical production since 2000. Does frequent art collaborations with Orlando Artists Doug Rhodehamel, VociDance, Andrew Spear and the resident Disc Jockey for SNAP!Orlando.



Peacock Room's 2nd Annual Reunion Party featuring performances by:

Jim O'Rourke & Rainy Day

Dolly Trolly w/ Her Last Boyfriend

Cocktail Hour Show (Live Talk show promoting the Arts and Debauchery hosted by Tammy Kopko, Miss Sammy and Pat Greene show ran 5 years from 2002-2007)

& DJ Nigel

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