The Doms, OMB, Nothin' But Fun

The Doms

The Doms are a four-piece alternative style band. Influenced by groups like The Jam, The Stranglers, Dead Kennedy's, the Doms deliver a potent rhythm based melodic-driven sound fueled by dynamic straight-up vocals. Based in San Francisco, the bassman and drummer met up with Krystal the singer to get things started. S.F. native Peter answered the call on guitar and keys and the band played on...

Funky, psychedelic, bluesy and melodic, OMB will wow you with their unique style and sound.

Nothin' But Fun

Nothin' But Fun is an energetic, good-time rock-n-blues band that's not afraid of a country twang and totally digs a surf groove. We cover the kind of tunes that make you roll down the window and turn up the volume, from the Beatles to the Eagles to Van Morrison. When we play our originals, you'll be singing along by the refrain.



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