The Morning Yells, itlookslikeablackhole, Gordon Keepers, Skunk Manhattan

The Morning Yells

The Morning Yells is a new Los Angeles-based band consisting of siblings Phil & Laura Stancil (guitar, vocals / bass, vocals), Trevor Smith (guitar, vocals), Jacob Boll (Keyboards, Guitar), and Curran McDowell (Drums, Percussion). Blending Heartland Rock, Americana, Power Pop, and Psychedelia with ease, the group has a knack for writing songs that are familiar and new at once. Their 2017 debut EP, Proper Wilted, received praise for its harmonies, songcraft, and nods to classic folk. ­Comparisons to Big Star, The War on Drugs, Tom Petty, and Fleetwood Mac are common mentions at their live show.


itlookslikeablackhole is a four piece instrumental post-rock project hailing from Sacramento, California. The band has an interesting sound that could be described as atmospheric, melodic and textured.

Gordon Keepers

By now, Portland OR-based singer-songwriter Gordon Keepers is a veteran of the music scene. After a stint in old-time ensemble Water Tower, Keepers sang, wrote songs, and played guitar in the punk-flecked pop band Levon’s Helmet—a project that earned generous amounts of local praise despite never fully penetrating the nice-shoes-and-artisanal-IPA pocket of the Portland music scene.

Keepers’ first solo record, Pretty Little City, is a leaner take on the aesthetic developed in Levon’s Helmet. Its 10 tracks are more measured and mid-tempo; the cultural commentary here is dryer and more nuanced than the brash adolescent takedowns of Levon’s Helmet songs “Condos” and “One Little Piggy”. This thematic maturity is matched by thicker and more diverse sounds—opening track and album highlight “Romeo” sounds like The River-era Bruce Springsteen crossed with The Cars, and it’s an effective sonic overview of the album.

Skunk Manhattan

Skunk Manhattan is an Austin-based musician and producer, primarily known as the frontman and guitarist for the eclectic heavy-rock band A Good Rogering. AGR has three releases to date; their latest EP, 'This is Death Metal' was released September 2017 in line with an east coast tour. Aside from A Good Rogering, Skunk plays with the progressive metal band Runescarred.

Skunk has played countless gigs in a variety of styles including rock, metal, blues, funk, swing and jazz and has opened for notable artists such as Skid Row, Marty Friedman, Uli Jon Roth, George Lynch, Metal Church and Adler’s Appetite. He has written, performed on, and produced a variety of albums and singles, and is a veteran session guitarist primarily working out of Mesa Recording Studios in Austin, TX. A few other projects include Gunzenhausen Klan (Debut EP of Satirical Heavy Metal out now) Willie "Blueballs" Johnson (Blues Band) and Suki & Skunk (Acoustic cover project).



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