The Imperial Crowns, Jonny Vinal, The Latest

The Imperial Crowns

Band members: Jimmie Wood (lead vocals, harmonica), J. J. Holiday (guitar)

Jonny Vinal plays a mix of folk, rock, reggae, gypsy punk and bluegrass with his own style of finger picking, lead and rhythm. His songs consist of story telling of fantasy and his own true story. His music keeps you engaged with many tempo changes and drawing lyrics. He pours his soul out and lets his voice and music take you away. Wether he is performing solo or with the band he is guaranteed to give it his all and leave the stage soaked in sweat and a shit eating grin.

Jonny Vinal grew up on the south shore of Massachussetts. From a young age he was immediately and intensely into all things music. Rocking a cape, running around recording with a little fisher price boom box and putting on shows in the basement. By high school he was living closer to the city of Boston and started his first band Spiral Tide. They had a good run as a high school jam band gigging around Boston and up to Vermont. After a few more different bands Jonny wound up at Berklee School of Music where him and his friends started the band Rack 'Em Let's Go! The band blended influences of punk rock and blues to produce their own whiskey drenched rock and roll love child. The band toured throughout the greater Boston area and New England for years gaining respect and fans from their exciting and wild live shows. the band put out one album and everyone continued on their way. After living in California for a while playing acoustic solo and working Jonny returned to Boston and formed the group VINAL with good friends Chris Narainen, Jason Cerutti and Colleen Mcnamara. The band is a powerful rhythm section , incuding Colleen singing lead vocals with Jonny where they form a one of a kind spooky style of harmony that will send chill up your spine. The whole band is a powerhouse that leads and can fall back to perfectly compliment Jonny's entire original catalogue.

The LATEST is a musical collaboration of three talented songwriters from Los Angeles – John Hernandez, Jared Hernandez, and Lonn Baker. Before joining forces, they were all experienced writers and performers - but when they came together, the spark happened, and songs flowed. In a very short time, they had an album’s worth of material. Elements of their music echo sounds from the past - but they don't sound like anyone else. They play a Rockin, Funky, Bluesy soup with a little Country thrown in for fun. Here’s hoping you enjoy the ride as much as they do.



  • Jonny Vinal - 8:15
  • The Imperial Crowns - 9:00
  • The Latest - 10:05

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