Drewcifer: members of Railroad Earth and Infamous Stringdusters

Drewcifer: members of Railroad Earth and Infamous Stringdusters

Drewcifer started as a musical collaboration between three Andrews from Railroad Earth and the Infamous Stringdusters in April 2017 but came to an abrupt crossroads before it even played it’s first show. Andy Goessling was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer and it was already stage four. Goessling gave his blessing to Andy Falco, Andrew Altman, and David Butler to continue on and a scrambled to find a replacement ensued. Having called every friend they had from the Americana/Jam scene the short notice nearly proved too much to overcome until a last minute suggestion came in from Joe Russo to try vibraphonist Kevin Kendrick. The instrumentation seemed an unlikely pairing but it worked beyond the wildest expectations of all involved and has become one of the defining features of the group. When tour schedules allow they come together as Drewcifer to explore original material, choice covers, and rework classics from their respective outfits.

Turkey Farm Five

In the early autumn of 2013, singer/songwriter Josh Chaffee decided that what the world needed was another band. But not just any band. What Josh Chaffee needed was a band that would play music that HE wrote. So he flipped through his considerable rolodex of musicians, because he only wanted the absolute best musicians to be in his group. He made some phone calls, and slowly discovered that none of them were available. He became depressed, until he discovered he hadn't made a call to the leading mandolin player in all of Flanders NJ, one Mike Alexander. Despite his checkered and possibly Communist background, Mike was an all around great player. With Mike signed on, it was easy to persuade James Lashway, also of Flanders, to jump onboard. James was quoted as saying, "Sure, I'll do it if you drive me there, but we are going to need a guy to transport my bass cabinet from Lake Hopatcong. I know one who plays keys..." Enter Joe Biglin. Joe was not only one of the area's leading keyboardists, he also happened to have a van with a trailer. This made him an essential cog in the fine tuned machine that Josh was constructing. Joe only had one condition for playing, he claimed that he hadn't purchased beer for himself since 2008, and he wasn't about to start now. So he called up Matt Fordney, who was a well known beer drinker, in addition to being a somewhat less well known drummer. When they got Matt on the phone and asked him to be in the band, he grunted and hung up, then texted Josh four hours later with three words that would one day go down in history: "I guess so". And with those three words, The Turkey Farm Five was born.

Based in Chester NJ, practicing in what was formerly the famous Larison's Turkey Farm, these five dynamic and often irreverant gentlemen have been making music that will delight and intrigue at least two of your senses. Sometimes three, depending on their cleanliness. They specialize in styles of music ranging from Bluegrass, Funk, Rock and Roll, Latin, and many others. They will also come to your house and remove any unwanted firewood from the premises, free of charge.

Inari's Messengers

Inari’s Messengers consists of the collaborative musical explorations of Aris Ladas on drums, Ryan Coyle on guitar, and Richard Johnson alternating between guitar and bass. With influences ranging from jazz and prog rock to funk and metal, the Messengers strive to push genres of music in their own unique style.



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