An "industrial supergroup" formed by Martin Atkins who has remained the sole constant member, play the role of drummer and organiser, since its inception.

Members for Tour:
Martin Atkins, Mary Biker (Gay Bikers On Acid/Pop Will Eat Itself), Justin from Skinny Puppy, Curse Mackey from Thrill Kill Cult, Lesley from Ruby, Chris Connelly from Ministry. Plus some surprise special guests

Zombies Eating Sheep

Early in the year 2011 it became apparent that a small percent of the population had been transformed by consumerism, materialism, and mass media propaganda into, for lack of better terms, Zombies. Mindless vessels who's only concern was the feeding off of the rest of the population, also referred to as, the Sheep. Blind followers who spend endless hours being manipulated by the dumbed down, de-evolving entertainment provided by their controllers. Visual artist known for his psychedelic paintings of aliens and esoteric symbolism TAOMG joined with long time friend musician/producer Mayday to create Zombies Eating Sheep. Blending complex sounds and video to combat this growing epidemic, they were later joined by the talented composer and musician Justin Davi who added more layers and complexity to the experience. In 2013 ZES expanded its cast with the addition of vocalist Ali Brown aka Alimazing, and not long after, the ill rhyme slaya: Tidbits. ZES hopes to inspire, up lift and stimulate its audiences, exposing the Zombies and freeing the sheep. All music is performed in the studio by ZES then multi-tracked and manipulated by “TRINITY” , while new layers are added live. Video content consists of layers of social footage with heavy effects and a live camera. If you are reading, this you are the Resistance .....End

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