Scantron 5000: Game of Thrones Trivia Edition

Scantron 5000: Game of Thrones Trivia Edition

Scantron 5000 is bar trivia from the future...with real-life prizes and hosted by Saturn's own lovely and partially talented Michael Greene and the Vacant Manifesto gang. Our team-based trivia night consists of a variety of answer formats many of which are actually graded in real-time via a vintage 1980s Scantron machine....that's why we call it Scantron 5000, get it? It's truly a lot of fun. Truth be known, we sometimes actually lie about stuff being fun while promoting events, but this time we really mean it. Like it's seriously almost too much fun to the point of being really, really annoying. Thus, if you like fun, borderline-annoying trivia graded on ancient technological devices from the 80s, then Scantron 5000 is for you.



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