Morningbird, Sons of Levin

Morningbird is a five-piece alternative/indie rock band hailing from various parts of the world that came together in Boston, MA. Morningbird’s sound brings classic rock into the modern age with stellar vocal harmonies and spacey melodic guitars. Morningbird pull you in with the familiar sound of bands like The Beatles and Queen, and make you feel at home with subtle and tasty synth based sounds of contemporary pop-rock. Morningbird formed in 2016 following their debut album, “Only Believe In Love”. The group have since released a single (“Born to Lose You”) and an EP (“You Freed Me”), and are currently working on a group of future singles to be released Summer 2019.

A band of brothers - literally - Sons of Levin was founded by Connor and Dylan Levinson. Inspired by bands such as The Band, Phish, Grateful Dead and other classic rock mainstays, Sons of Levin offers their sound as an homage to previous great acts while delivering their own take on the modern jam/rock scene.

Beaming with the sun-draped acoustic-pop leanings of Colbie Caillat, Grace Potter, and
Sara Bareilles, singer-songwriter Devon is a rising star on the NYC music scene.
Writing and self-producing her music, Devon released her well-received debut
album Love and Haight in 2014 and her sophomore album What If I in 2017. Her new
EP Songs from the Back of a Bar was recently introduced with the songs “Love You
Anyway” and “I Bet You'd Like Me Better at Coachella,” which are glaringly poignant
prisms refracting the unique way in which she sees and feels the world. Follow Devon
on Instagram to stay updated about the new music and upcoming shows:

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