Say What Now, Burnout!, The Bunkermen

Say What Now

Say What Now is an alternative rock band in San Francisco that embraces complexity. Melodies driven at times by the bass, guitar, saxophone or vocals create space for intricate harmonies and sub melodies. Influenced by funk, blues and early alternative SWN guarantees a a night of great music.

The Bunkermen

The Bunkermen have been playing together in various arrangements for over 20 years. Vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter Dr. Rick, along with Rich Oliva (bass), David Eakes (drums) and Chris Wing (guitar) have played with the likes of Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Bill Spooner (the Tubes), the Clams, the Hodags, Back Burner Blues Band and others. The Bunkermen’s punk, funk, rock-n-groovin’ storytelling style produces some of the most innovative originals around. And, yes, they practice in an underground bunker hidden somewhere in San Francisco.



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