Supergutter, Running For Jenny, Warren Teagarden and The Good Grief, plus TBA


Supergutter is a San Francisco local indie rock band heavily influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, The Verve, Coldplay, and Grizzly Bear. Out to create spacious grooves and melodic riffs that you can appreciate even when sober, Supergutter is releasing their debut 2 track EP this summer.

Warren Teagarden and The Good Grief

Warren Teagarden once had a dream in which he could not stop talking. He talked and talked and could not control himself. He tried to clench his jaw and close his mouth but it didn't work. He pressed both hands tightly over his lips but it didn't work. He punched himself in the face, bashed his head against the wall, and thew himself to the floor. But none of this worked. He was powerless to control the endless river of words streaming forth. The words he spoke were of purest truth and beauty and contained the wisdom of a thousand Gods. But his words flowed only to the empty darkness of space and were instantly gone forever in the void. Such is life, my friends. Such is life.



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