The band’s lack of pretension is as refreshing as it is uncommon, their self-assuredness a most likely side effect of the years they’ve spent playing together. “We met when we were teenagers,” explains Allen of fellow bandmates Andrew Gomez and Evan Thon. “We’ve stuck with each other ever since.” The decade long friendship not only earned them their moniker, but—through practice and experimentation—aided in the cultivation of a pop group that masters the genre.

Their upcoming record—brimming with buoyant melodies and standout hooks—is a playful demonstration of everything pop. The self-titled debut pays homage to their R&B and alternative rock influencers while maintaining an attitude all its own. “This record is a byproduct of our daily lives,” explains Allen. “It’s therapeutic to write what you feel in the moment, whether you’re sad, or you’re in love, or you just don’t care. We aren’t curated, we just write what we feel.”

Singer/Songwriter and frontman Issues.

Drive!Drive! is the alternative pop creation from lead singer Alex Johnson. After moving to Nashville, Alex realized that he wanted to build a band from scratch. He found it extremely difficult to find members that wanted to play for the love of it. He felt like he was lost in a sea of session players. Alex explains:

“Nashville is like the semi-finals of a talent show. Everyone is great and they all want to start their professional careers. Most people that reached out immediately asked what the pay was. I wasn’t used to that. I’m used to bands being started because they just loved creating music together.”

After a year of searching, Alex found Gavin Hurlburt and Philip DeLuca. Collectively their talents, ambition, and ideals are ready to take on the industry.

After releasing their first three singles, they have been touring the US and already developed a cult following.

"We just want to build relationships and change lives through the power of music."


90’S KIDS is about nostalgia.

“Only 90’s kids will remember the feeling of bursting through the door at Blockbuster on a Friday night”

“Only a true 90’s kid knows what it’s like to jump out of bed in PJs for the Saturday morning cartoons”

90’S KIDS is about being lost in nostalgia in an age of modern appeal; it’s about craving analog in a world of digital overload; it’s about living in memories of a simple past while still longing for a bright future.

Founded in 2017 by Corey Mouch, Matt King, and Robby MacAskill at Ohio University, 90’S KIDS is an alt-pop group that combines modern styles with a heavy dose of youthful ’80s and ’90s pop.

The band released its first set of singles between December 2017 and May 2018, culminating in the release of VOLUME ONE, a five-song EP which encompasses the band’s first days releasing music.

In August 2018, VOLUME TWO began with a new single, “BAD NEWS!” which marks the beginning of a brand new sound for the band.

90’S KIDS has brought its energetic live show on tour across Ohio and the surrounding areas, performing alongside rising artists such as THE WLDLFE, PUBLIC, Harbour, Phangs, and The Orphan The Poet.

Get lost in nostalgia with 90’S KIDS.


HYLYND, born and raised in North Carolina & currently in Dallas, TX is a singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist.

With a new EP, “Born In The Night”, Hylynd is building upon the momentum of his single, “Permanent Marks”, which GasMaskMagazine calls, “an R&B Timberlake/Bieber vibe with his own twist” and RockDaFuqOut says “The vocals are not only impressive in their dynamics and performance, but the structure is nearly perfect. This one could easily work on radio against other Pop/R&B hits.”

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