Davis Nix

Davis Nix is an American alternative country music singer/songwriter born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. Music has run in his blood since even before he was born with his father being a musician and songwriter. In fact, both of Davis’ parents played a role in Davis’ appreciation and love for music. Davis attended his first concert when he was only one year old to go see Gordon Lightfoot. Davis’ mother and Davis’ father taught him to sing his very first song, “Love Can Build A Bridge” by The Judds by the age of four. When asked about the memory of that profound song, Davis says “I sang it, or really we all sang it for weeks. It was my favorite”.

He was playing guitar by the time he was ten, taught by his friend and mentor to this day, Michael Wright. When he was eleven, Davis’ passion for music was still growing strong. He became interested in drums and he remembers the first drum kit his parents bought him for five-hundred dollars. Nix recalls “I probably still owe them to this day for that drum kit”. Davis was playing gigs by the time he was twelve years old. He remembers his first gig was playing an office party for six-hundred dollars. Since then, Davis Nix was hooked and has been involved in the music scene in one way or another.

Nix played drums for bands until he was eighteen years old and then decided to focus on using yet another one of his musical talents, his voice. He paired his singing with his acoustic guitar playing skills and quickly became a lead singer. Plus, the attention from the girls made him all the more eager to take on this new role! He had his first gig as being the lead singer and acoustic guitar player at 1048 Jazz and Blues Montgomery. Nix says that the bar fired him up because it wasn’t a country music loving bar. It gave him the opportunity to form a band called Davis Nix & The Wranglers with funk/jazz players who had never played a country lick in their lives. Davis says “Imagine P-Funk playing Rhett Akins’ “That Ain’t My Truck. It was super cool but not country… and no one cared.”

Growing up in lower Alabama, Nix’s style of music is heavily influenced by musicians such as John Prine, Clint Black, Allman Brothers, Peter Paul and Mary, and John Denver. You can definitely hear this grit and southern rock charm in Davis’ sound.

Nix has had his hand involved in being a drummer, guitarist, bassist and even tour manager. Of all of these roles that Davis has played in the music business over the last decade and a half, being on stage and singing his songs is where he is most at home. The stage is where he belongs. Davis has had the amazing opportunity to share the stage with musical acts Adam Hood, Wayne Mills, Billy Joe Shaver, and Brent Cobb.

With his new single “Travelin’ Heartache” being released on September 7, 2018, there is no stopping what will come next. Davis Nix is the type of musician that you want to get to know… and perhaps have a beer with.

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