We’re 5 best friends from AZ. We love the desert, we love our city, its people, and we love each other. We love long drives, early mornings, late nights, dive bars, carne asada Tacos at 3 am, dirty jokes, and asking each other what we think about things. We’re just as likely to get down on Simon & Garfunkel and Bob Dylan as we are Van Halen, and Kendrick Lamar. We love dogs, we love our van, we love playing together, and we love you – it’s true. For the past few years, we’ve pretty much always been on tour, hitting the road on our own, with fellow bands, and have been lucky enough to open for a few heroes. From living rooms and basement clubs, to theaters and arenas, we just love playing shows, and being on the road.

Our fans are our greatest priority – we love them, we really do, and we do our best to insure them that we can’t do this without them. Our message is one of acceptance, not in a circle sitting kum-baya bullshit way, but in a way of acknowledging that we all have shit we regret, we all have passions and opinions, and it’s up to all of us to filter through our flaws and our regrets to find ourselves and love one another. Don’t judge other people, and care about everybody, like EVERYBODY everybody. Our shows are rowdy, you’ll break down your walls and realize you’re not in this alone. We hope you come to a show, make our songs a part of your story, and live the best fucking life you can.


Jared & The Mill

Window Dogs is a dynamic indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. The quintet has established a loyal local following and impressed with live performances that showcase earnest, gritty rock 'n' roll melding folk, psychedelia and alternative rock, with flourishes of musicality and a large helping of raw energy. Window Dogs inventive, uninhibited style is hard to pin down, but easy to identify with. The 5-piece outfit has shared the stage with national & international acts that possess the same raucous stage presence, from grunge bands like Dinosaur Pile-Up and Grammy nominees Highly Suspect, to U.K. neo-soul legends The Heavy and Nashville surf-rockers *repeat repeat. With an aggressive and experimental sound, the band has developed a reputation for unbridled enthusiasm and an authenticity in keeping with the ethos of their hometown.

$12.00 - $15.00


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