Paul Speckmann & Master, By Rich Rozek, (Warcry singer, and friend)

In the genre of heavy music, heavy metal just demands your attention with it’s raw power and pure adrenaline! Through the years, this now classic formula of loud sounds often played in minor keys for that eerie effect has morphed into several subgenres. This form of extreme metal was super-charged and turned into what is now death metal! Make no mistake; Master was a leader, right from the beginning and continues to be at the top of their game.

Master is Death Metal personified!

There are just a handful of innovators that have proven to have the sheer determination and drive to create the monumental sound of a band armed with their weapons of Master’s destruction. Paul Speckmann has been there since the very beginning of Death Metal. Through the years he has taken his presence to the nth degree! A voice of the people! Sending his messages loud and clear with constant touring and bringing his music to the world.

Among this group of audio assassins; Paul is gearing up for the next target of annihilation; A steady requirement of endless touring, recording, and writing his view of life as seen through his eyes. Paul creates songs that are topical for an audience he admires and respects. Paul and Master continue to terrorize, obliterate, and demonstrate the need to sanctify and satisfy the audience as this entity continues to grow.

Through the early years of his career until now, Paul continues to be a pioneer in metal from the beginning of Metal music. Paul started as a founder and bassist of the popular Chicago metal band, War Cry. This band had the power to summon up fear and heaviness. War Cry influenced many other musicians in the metal genre. When the band’s musical direction started to go more commercial it was the sign that Paul needed and he made the decision to leave War Cry and create a force to share his thoughts on life and display his musical prowess. Master was born! Paul had an over-whelming desire to take his music to a new level by becoming part of this exciting new sub genre of Extreme Metal called Death Metal. He was there at the very start of the Death Metal genre. His band was going to be fueled with intellect and timely topics and opinions that Paul had planned as to be unique and stand out amongst the typical extreme metal topics. Master would turn out to be a different beast making cutting edge Death Metal.

There are very few entertainers that have the insight and a sarcastic attitude to pull-off Master’s version of “The Pledge of Allegiance” and turn it into a sarcastic political statement (Maybe Johnny Rotten), if you will. How about a giving the listener a lesson in the creation of not Mankind but of Master! With a take-no-prisoners, smug attitude that turns this piece into genius on the release, “On the Seventh Day God Created...Master!”

Paul Speckmann is a larger than life figure, an enigma that some critics tend to confuse his confidence with being ego, but sometimes there’s a fine line that separates insanity from genius. Always making the songs and the delivery monstrous since the very beginning of Master, Paul Speckmann is a proven influence in a category of music that he helped define in the early stages of Death Metal and he continues to do even today as he does larger tours, playing in more cities, and to more people. Paul Speckmann has become a seasoned metal veteran from all the numerous releases he and all the performances completed. For Master and Paul Speckmann, this artistic freedom is not taken lightly. The listener gives him the platform to expound his theory of life, death, and all the challenges you go through in-between these two events here on Earth!

When Paul Speckmann delivers his lyrics, he delivers it with the pain he speaks of. This world we live in isn’t a pretty place and Master is here to remind you of that fact. They deal in reality not dreams. You want a better life - fight for it! Master has lead the pack and will never look back. The eighth wonder of the world could very well be Master!

Q & A with Paul Speckmann What are you most proud of in your music career?
I am most proud of being on the scene so long as well as being with several of the innovators of several genres including Warcry, Deathstrike and Master of course. These bands helped with the evolvement of Metal in many circles of the underground, actually going on to influence several bands!

What country has the most passionate music fans in your opinion?
Germany seems to be one of the strongest scenes from across the globe. If you make it in Germany then you can continue to rock on! What helped you to make the decision to move to the Czech Republic? I joined a band called Krabathor after an opportunity arose that I couldn't pass up. I always felt a musician will travel anywhere in the world to master his craft. The original bassist left the band and they asked me to join them for some fests and several tours, including Japan on my first trek with the band.

Do you have any White Cross recordings?
What was that era in your life like? This was really an era of exploration for me, becoming myself if you will! Ron Cooke (Thrust) and I were teenagers in high school together trying to find our way, like Rush," Finding my way," I was just singing in this band a classic cover band covering tracks from UFO, Nugent and Black Sabbath. I guess you could say that, these were my first experiences onstage with a group, and this would help shape the way my life would continue over the years.

What is in store for your fans in the future?
Do you plan on doing anything outside of the metal genre? I tried a few projects outside the extreme metal genre and they just never really got off the ground I guess. But one never knows!

Paul Speckmann’s Discography

Warcry, Trilogy Of Terror (demo, 1983)
Death Strike, Fuckin' Death (demo, 1985)
Master, '85 Demo (demo, 1985)
Master/Abomination split 7" EP (Nuclear Blast, 1990)
Abomination, Abomination (Nuclear Blast, 1990; re-released by Metal Mind, 2008)
Master, Master (Nuclear Blast, 1990; re-released by Displeased, 2008)
Master, Demo '91 (demo, 1991)
Death Strike, Fuckin' Death (Nuclear Blast, 1991)
Master, On the Seventh Day God Created... Master (Nuclear Blast, 1992; re-released by Displeased, 2008)
Abomination, Tragedy Strikes (Nuclear Blast, 1992; re-released by Metal Mind, 2008)
Speckmann Project, Speckmann Project (Nuclear Blast, 1992)
Master, Collection of Souls (Nuclear Blast, 1993)
Master, Final Word (demo, 1995)
Master/Excision split 7" EP (Moonlight, 1996)
Walpurgisnacht, Live Demo (demo, 1997)
Master, Faith Is in Season (Pavement, 1998)
Abomination, The Final War EP (Metal Age, 1999)
Abomination, Curses of the Deadly Sin (Metal Age, 1999)
Solutions, Solutions (Metal Age, 1999)
Martyr, Murder X: The End of the Game (System Shock, 2000)
Krabathor, Unfortunately Dead (System Shock, 2000)
Master, Follow Your Savior EP (Metal Age, 2001)
Speckmann, ...God Created Master (The Early Years) (Metal Age, 2001)
Master, Let's Start a War (System Shock, 2002)
Krabathor, Dissuade Truth (System Shock, 2003)
Master, Unreleased 1985 Album (Displeased, 2003)
Master, The Spirit of the West (System Shock, 2004)
Master, Everything is Rotten (demo, 2005)
Master, Masterpieces (compilation, Twilight Vertrieb, 2005)
Master, Four More Years of Terror (Twilight Vertrieb, 2005)
Master, Slaves to Society (Twilight Vertrieb, 2007)
The Architects of Hate, Pure Hate EP (self-released, 2008)
Master, The Human Machine (Pulverised, 2010)
Master, The New Elite (Pulverised, 2012)
Master, The Witchhunt (F.D.A. Rekotz, 2013)
Johansson-Speckmann, Sulphur Skies, (Vic, 2013)
Johansson-Speckmann, Mask of the Treacherous, (VIC, 2014)
Master, Let's Start a War reissue, vinyl only, (Animate, 2016)
Master, An Epiphany of Hate (F.D.A. Rekotz, 2016)
Cadaveric Poison, debut (Metal on Metal, 2016)


Over the years, Claustrofobia has taken their energetic live show across their native Brazil, the rest of South America and beyond to Europe gathering up a passionate and avid fanbase. Europe is lucky enough to face another imminent ‘Claustro’ onslaught as the band has recently announced a headline ‘European Visceral Tour’ between April – June 2015.

To date the band has shared the stage with the likes Soulfly, Destruction, In Flames, Brujeria, Napalm Death, Vader, Krisiun, Helmet, Hate Eternal, Ratos de Porão, Paul Di Anno and Sepultura amongst many more.

With all that experience, the band is still filled with a passion and energy for their music and performance, and will always stay loyal to their music. The future is bright for Claustrofobia as they are fresh from recording with legendary producer Russ Russell [Napalm Death, The Exploited, Dimmu Borgir…]. The untitled album, which as of yet does not have any label attachment, will be ready to annihilate nearer the end of 2015.

‘Claustro is here to stay’

Epic Death

Epic Death is a metal band like no other metal band. Sure you have heard other bands say the same thing, but it holds true with this one. You see they do not put themselves in a "sub"genre of metal. Others may want to, but they see themselves as a METAL band, playing metal for the fans who love metal!

This band hails from Houston, Texas and with that each member proves that everything is bigger in Texas. Each member of the band brings with them something that as a whole creates a massive explosion of fast shredding, thundering beats and dark creepy tones.

So with that being said, let's introduce you to each of the band members:

Dennis Dorsett aka Guitar Vamp - Vocals/Lead & Rhythm Guitar:
Dennis has been playing music for 28 years. He started out on an old acoustic guitar given to him by his parents and later his parents "upgraded" that acoustic to an electric guitar. He has played in many metal bands throughout his career. Aggravated Assault, Chaos, Mischief, Majik, NeverDead, Balance and a few others he played guitar for when they were in need. His love for music is never ending and he gives 110% to his craft.

Chris Cropper aka Viking - Bass / Backing Vocals:
Chris has been playing bass for over 6 years. He was one of the founding players of Lone Star Massacre as well as recently departing from Weapons of War and joining Epic Death. Chris' influences range from Black Metal all the way to Les Clay Pool. So you can be certain there will be a show on the strings! Chris and Davey link up and give you that chest thumping feel you always crave at a show!

Becky Dorsett aka Mistress Demona - Keyboards:
Becky has been in the music business as a internet radio dj / promoter / manager / talent buyer / writer and photographer for over 20 years. When she was a young child she took piano lessons but later had to stop the lessons because her piano teacher and her husband were relocated as they were part of the Army. After many years of doing the business side of music Becky was asked to do backing vocals for Dennis' band Mischief and then in 2010 she took refresher piano classes so that she could take on the keyboard parts in Epic Death.

Much like the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, Epic Death sets out to destroy and conquer, to rule and prevail and to grow their numbers... to increase their horde that they call "The Undead".

$10.00 - $20.00


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