Eluveitie & Korpiklaani  - Wanderers Towards Rebirth Tour

Eluveitie is a Swiss death metal band. Eluveitie combine traditional Celtic folk music with melodic death metal, influenced by the classic Gothenburg sound.

The band was formed by mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann in Winter 2002/2003.

Eluveitie means "The Helvetian" in Gaulish and it is pronounced as "El-Vey-Ti".

Chrigel Glanzmann - Vocals, Mandola & Mandolin, Tin & Low Whistles, Bagpipes, Bodhràn
Michalina Malisz -Session Hurdygurdy
Jonas Wolf - Guitars
Rafael Salzmann - Guitars
Matteo Sisti - Tin & Low Whistles, Bagpipe, Mandola
Kay Brem - Bass
Nicole Anspenger- Fiddle
Fabienne Erni - Vocals, Harp, Mandola
Alain Ackermann - Drums

Former Members:
Dario Hofstetter - Drums (2002-2004)
Mättu Ackermann - Fiddle (2002-2003)
Dani Fürer - Guitars (lead) (2002-2004)
Yves Tribelhorn - Guitars (rhythm) (2002-2004)
Philipp Reinmann - Irish bouzouki (2002-2003)
Gian Albertin - Vocals, Bass, Mouth harp, Effects (2002-2004)
Dide Marfurt - Bagpipes, Hurdy gurdy, Bouzouki, Bodhrán (2003-2004)
Beni Häfeli - Drums (2003-2004)
Meri Tadić - Fiddle, Vocals (female) (2003-2013)
Sevan Kirder - Irish flute, Tin whistle, Bagpipes, Vocals (backing) (2003-2008)
Rafi Kirder - Bass, Vocals (backing) (2004-2008)
Merlin Sutter - Drums (2004-2016)
Sime Koch - Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (2004-2012)
Ivo Henzi - Guitars (rhythm) (2004-2016)
Severin "Sevi" Binder - Vocals, Bagpipes, Flute, Whistles (2004-2006)
Sarah Wauquiez - Hurdy gurdy, Bass-shalm, Crummhorn, Zugerörgeli, Vocals (female) (2005-2006)
Linda Suter - Fiddle, Vocals (female) (2006)
Anna Murphy - Hurdy gurdy, Flute, Vocals (female) (2006-2016)
Päde Kistler - Bagpipes, Whistles (2008-2014)




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