ARADA  (Turkish punk film) - Philly Premiere

ARADA (Turkish punk film) - Philly Premiere

One of the first punk rock films ever made in Turkey; based on the life of the filmmaker’s brother, a member of the country’s first punk band. Filmmaker Mu Tunc in attendance.

In 1990s Istanbul, Ozan is a young punk rocker who dreams of releasing a record in California. His father, Altan, is a former musician whose career was ended by a coup attempt. On the day of Ozan's birthday, they get into a heated argument about Ozan's future. Ozan leaves home to meet with his friend Deniz who tells him about a cruise ticket to California the next morning. Ozan and his girlfriend Lara set out through the city to house parties and underground rave party at a junkyard, to shisha bar on the search for the ticket.



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