Jason Gisser Band

Jason Gisser Band

The Jason Gisser Band formed in the late summer of 2015. After recording their first album "In The Garden of Crows" They went on to perform at large venues including The Chance Theater, The Paramount Theater, Mexicali Live, Daryl's House, The Falcon, The Town Crier, and many more. Opening for bands such as Hoobastank, Grand Funk Railroad, Three Dog Night, Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real and many more, The Jason Gisser Band began headlining large venues and with quite a few sold out shows, they began playing festivals such as 19th Annual Harvest Fest and Freedom Fair with The Wailers and Murphy's Law, as well as The Montalk Music Festival, Mazzstock, The Woods Bash in Woodstock, The Hudson Valley Film Festival, Froggy Daze Music Fest and many more. In 2018 The Jason Gisser Band recieved a high honor as their song The River made it to #2 on the song of the year charts in Ark of Music. After a few lineup changes The Jason Gisser Band is working on their second album which should be done by the fall of 2019. The Jason Gisser Band consists of Jason Gisser (Acoustic Guitar & Vocals), Jim Verzi (Bass), Stephen Habo... (Drums), Doriano Magliano (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), and Geordie Mac (Keys, Backing Vocals)

$8.00 - $10.00


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