Dirt Miller

Dirt Miller

Dirt Miller, born Ryan Miller, is an Americana Folk artist hailing from Spokane, Washington.
The son of a preacher, Dirt began experimenting with a multitude of different instruments at the age of 5 in a house full of musicians. At the age of 15, Dirt kickstarted his musical career playing in a band in his hometown of Spokane, where the band quickly gained a loyal fan base. In recent months, Dirt has relocated to Los Angeles, begun working with producer Davy Nathan, started working with Copeland Entertainment management company and is gathering the attention of many Hollywood producers, managers, labels and publishing companies alike. His raspy, sultry voice and the compelling stories he tells through his songs have had some people comparing him to Joe Walsh and Jeff Buckley. He will begin releasing singles from his completed album at the beginning of 2019.



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