Re:Turn Tuesdays Feat. Lucid Vision w/ Tortuga, Knowledge Thyself, Tkettle (Late Set)

Re:Turn Tuesdays

A new series at Hodi's Half Note bringing you the tops acts in EDM, live art, visual production and more!

Mindbeam Productions

A donation based company that gives back 15% of its profits from events to the community. Specializing in professional visual effects and sound production.

Euphonic Conceptions

Since 2006, Euphonic Conceptions has been dedicated to putting on events featuring fresh directions in music and art. The goal is to develop, support, and sustain culture that can birth groundbreaking artists and allow them and the community they represent to flourish.

Longevity Productions

Music: brings ones from diverse backgrounds into a realm of similar objective parallelism. Creates happiness or invokes emotional response. Overall bridges a gap unimaginable by many but for seen by few.

Longevity Productions is a company that thrives to bring you the best acts and all around musical experiences they can provide. Working with people in the local Northern Colorado community to bring art of all styles together. We focus on artist booking, artist management, promotion, and event facilitation.

It was launched by Bri Long in September of 2017. With the help of her community and friends around her, her dream and love of music has finally manifested into a career.

Current booking roster:
Elctrx | TwoScoops | Genetic Concepts | Cezbot
Bass Prophets | Dj Wadada | Pitta Patta | Jimeni

Spreading light through sound, Lucid Vision brings listeners to a melodic realm of electronic genre bends. Combining the unique world of designed sound with live guitar/ukulele, Lucid Vision demonstrates a natural balance of live-electronic music. Infinite potential unfolds as you delve into the high-energy, soulful experience, leaving listeners in an inspirational state.

Tortuga is a Denver based electronic music duo comprised of Ryan Mahrer and Tyler Arndt. We believe music is and should always be free. Please listen download and subscribe.

As Tortuga, we aim to create music that can connect to the past, future and present, bringing elements from modern and contemporary creations. Together we pull inspirations from our mutual love for blues, jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop and electronic music to fuse and meld our individual styles, into the eclectic mix you see here. We choose to maintain a grass rooted commitment to in house marketing, development and production and hope to build the Tortuga label organically, through local support. Have a listen at the links below.

Knowledge Thyself

Knowledge Thyself is the embodiment of the master healer, teacher, expansionist, and lyricist of Jereme Unruh. Knowledge Thyself is the fusion of the two philosophies "knowledge of self" and "know thyself". The underline of these ideals and principles is the understanding and essence of God/Universe as self. Understanding yourself is the key ingredient to the elixir of self love. Self love is the portal of infinite potential for a life full of joy and happiness. Knowing self is to stand in ownership of the creator you are here to be. May we understand that the entire being works in union with the physical body, energetic body (including emotions) and the mind. To embody full alignment of perfect health it requires each of these components to be addressed. Jereme is dedicated to facilitate space for your growth, healing, alignment and awakening into the empowered & joyous wholeness you are, when in full alignment. Are you willing to allow the facilitation of great change to elevate your life in all facets and aspects, owning yourself as your greatest asset? Knowledge Thyself invites you into new ways of thinking, new ways of being, using various and extensive teachings/practices including conscious eating, energy medicine, mind expansion, self discovery, spirituality, supplement use, and more to align with the luminous being you are.

Tkettle is guitarist/banjoist(?)/bassist turned producer, Tyler Gettel. Born and raised in Colorado, he grew up listening to and trying to emulate the styles of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and other such legends. Since beginning this musical addiction, several different influential styles have shaped his unique sound.. Ranging from hip-hop (Atmosphere, Wu Tang, Talib Kweli) to electronic (Daft Punk, Justice, Pretty Lights) to blues, to bluegrass, and anything in between.

"There really aren't any rules to me when it comes to making my music, except the idea that if it sounds good, it IS good. I believe that everything's an instrument, if you can get the right vibration out of it. That's really my only golden rule and goal; push the limits of what I create by creating something that's equal parts expression and experimentation. In this life, all we ever experience is just one small sample of it all. I live to make the most of what's available to me, both in the studio and in life."

$5 adv or before 10pm / $10 after 10pm / Under 21: $10 All Night /// Free before 9pm for text blast

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$5 adv or before 10pm / $10 after 10pm / Under 21: $10 All Night /// Free before 9pm for text blast subscribers

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