Holy Grail, Striker, Bewitcher, Black Mass

Holy Grail

American Power/Heavy Metal band, formed in 2008 by James-Paul Luna and Tyler Meahl.


Striker is a speed metal/trad metal band from Edmonton, Canada formed in 2009.

An American Black/ Speed Metal band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2013.

Black Mass

Black Mass is a Three-Piece Thrash Metal Band formed in early 2012. With influences ranging from 80's Thrash Metal and Death Metal bands, "Black Mass" has formed to bring back the true Thrash Metal sound. Their love of the 80's Thrash Metal era, combined with OSDM bands such as Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse are two very big influences, among many others, that inspired this band to create their own style of Thrash Metal.

The line up consists of:

Brendan O'hare - Guitar/ Vocals
Cristian Azevedo - Bass / Vocals

In late-August/early-September, Black Mass recorded their debut album at the BrickHit House in Hyannis, MA with Sound Engineer Sean Fitzpatrick titled "The Second Coming" with original artwork/album design by Graphic Designer/Artist Adam LoRusso.

Ever since their formation in May 2012, Black Mass has been playing shows all over New England (MA, NY, RI, CT, NH) with bands such as Testament, Overkill, Flotam & Jestam, 4ARM, Vektor, Exhumed, Anciients, Death To All, Lich King, Razormaze, Abnormality, Bloodsoaked, and many more.

Their debut album "The Second Coming" was released on February 18th 2013 as a digital copy, and soon to be released as a digipack format.

In April 2013, the band went on their first tour titled "Rotting In Europe 2013" with North Carolina-based Death Metal band Bloodsoaked (Comatose Records), Hate Storm Annihilation (Illinois), Short Fuse (California), and Psychiatric Regurgitation (Texas), through Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands for 10 days.

Since their inception, they have shared the stage with: Testament, Overkill, Flostam & Jestam, Vektor, Bloodsoaked, Death To All, Exhumed, Anciients, Abnormality, Razormaze, Lich King, Vaporizer, Shallow Ground, Led to the Grave, Los Bungalitos, Pathogenic, Conforza, Short Fuse, Hate Storm Annihilation, Psychiatric Regurgitation, and many more.

"Sometimes a band gets it so right that there isn't much to say. When a band so perfectly encompasses what makes a genre great, it is really more appropriate to just listen to them. This is the case with Black Mass, a new thrash band out of Boston. These guys play thrash as it was meant to be played: fast, heavy, and totally uncompromising." - Skull Fracturing Metal (February 2013)

"Black Mass have set out to 'bring back the true thrash metal sound' and after listening to a few of the bands tracks and seeing them play live I have no problem saying that Black Mass play true thrash metal and they play it extraordinarily well." - Global Thrash Assault (January 2013)

Bandcamp: www.blackmassband.bandcamp.com

Big Cartel: www.blackmassband.bigcartel.com

YouTube: www.youtube.com/blackmassthrash

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/blackmassthrash

Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/blackmassband



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