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Rise and Revolt

Generated from a rigid society and harnessed to a culture censoring expression, Tim Skold is self-liberated and now, again, striking out like the blinding white Swedish summer sun.

Erstwhile driving forces of KMFDM, Shotgun Messiah and Marilyn Manson, and bearing the marks of a further litany of productions and collaborations, e.g. Motionless In White, he’s worn of the perpetual hiatus of his eponymous devotion — turning that inside and over, growing something darker and harder.

In 2016, reborn in the ineffable name of SKOLD, and in league with Metropolis Records, he will liberate the whole weight and title it “The Undoing”.
Not content in what the studio wrought, he’ll see it out in person, done justice, on North American tour for your review, your revels and your revolt.

Formed by front-man Danny Blu in 2015, Echo Black is a dance rock band based in New York City. Drawing on the differing influences of each unique member, Echo Black sets out to make evocative and visceral music you can feel in your bones.

Optic Oppression

“Find A Way is designed to break some necks, whether dancing or headbanging,” says Optic Oppression’s front-man, Kendall Cage. But that’s not all the band has in store for their fans.

Out of western NY, Optic Oppression is a synth-rock phenomenon in it's infancy. Born from the culmination of the band’s twisted childhood traumas, incarcerations and abuse Optic is about the human evolution – not just of ourselves but of society - and emerging from the struggle scarred, but stronger than ever. With dark bass lines, driving beats, and a taste for musical circuitry Optic Oppression is now poised to turn heads and reshape the music scene.

Optic’s newest release, Find A Way, is the band’s first conceptual EP. Splicing deranged audio samples together with rock guitars and throwing it over a hard rhythmic backbone with a touch of EDM, the band brings to life the sordid stories felt by so many but spoken by so few.

From it's inception Optic Oppression’s music was made to break up the monotony of the western New York rock scene. After the untimely and violent death of their guitarist the remaining members of the renowned hard rock band, 86 To Nowhere, fell into a brief hiatus. Unable to find an adequate replacement guitarist it soon became apparent that the band had met it’s end and a new band had to be formed from its ashes. Lead singer Kendall Cage then set out with a vision to find a band for a new, more innovative sound. When he met multi-instrumentalists, Mike Novo, Greg Burt, Arrow Fitzgibbon, & Tracei Berlin the sparks ignited and the music began to take on a life of its own.

On the forefront of musical evolution, Optic Oppression wields production as an instrument in itself. Combining influences ranging from Stabbing Westward to Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park to Orgy, Optic Oppression walks the now shattered line between the analog and digital worlds. With a dark electronic writing style that has been described as "innovative" and "more than industrial", Optic Oppression’s new EP, Find A Way, seeks to grasp the cutting-edge and carve out a niche of it's own in a musical world where it seems everything has been done before.

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