NOCHE DE TABLAO Flamenco Night with Briseyda Zárate & Co.

Briseyda Zarate

Reviews for Briseyda Zarate:

“ L.A. based Briseyda Zarate scorched with her feline presence, a firestorm of filigreed fingers and fleet footwork....Connecting to the music — especially the soulful wailings the no-nonsense Zarate also skittered as if possessed. - THE LA TIMES

“The standout of the evening was Briseyda Zarate, a tour de force with a decade of experience. The blunt sounds of her footwork revealed an incredible strength. She dances with an appropriately furrowed brow. Her emotion is measured; you can see it smoldering under the surface until she releases it in a controlled fury of spinning and snapping” - EXPLOREDANCE.COM

“...Zárate demonstrated outstanding technique in a work that expresses personal conflict and suffering. Her dramatic use of a large green shawl helps to accentuate this pain and frustration as she twirls it around her head, tosses it to the floor and then picks it back up to express her acceptance of her fate. Zárate’s flamenco technique and interpretation are breathtaking to watch” - SEEDANCE.COM

$20.00 - $40.00


Briseyda Zárate & Company perform a masterful rendition of Flamenco in it's truest form - The Tablao. Full of rhythm, emotion and skilled improvisation, this inspired ensemble of dancers and musicians will take you on an exhilarating journey deep into the heart and soul of Flamenco.

THE FLAMENCO TABLAO is the most intimate and authentic way to experience Flamenco. The word “tablao” refers to the wood that we so passionately dance on as well as the place where flamenco is performed in it’s most powerful manifestation.

Each month Briseyda will be joined by top musicians, singers and dancers.

$40 tickets are for shared tables on the floor next to the stage and the first row of theater seats. There are 4 seats per table and each ticket guarantees a seat at a table and are on a first come first serve basis. All VIP ticket holders will be given a wristband at the door.

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