BITE ME - Philadelphia Premiere

BITE ME - Philadelphia Premiere

BITE ME, a subversive romantic comedy about a real-life vampire and the IRS agent who audits her, Philly Premiere with writer/star Naomi McDougall Jones in attendance!

It’s 2018 in New York City and 29-year-old Sarah wears her self-made freak status like armor. With her blue hair and facial tattoo, Sarah is part of a real-life vampire fringe subculture whose members believe they need to drink human blood to stay healthy.

Uptown, James, an Englishman, works as an IRS agent and spends his life worrying that people won’t like him if he reveals any form of personality. Between his soul-crushing job and his controlling colleague and roommate, James exists in a constant state of lonely, low-key desperation.

When Sarah gets audited, due to a judgmental media shit storm, brought on by her ex-husband’s ridiculous appearance on a reality TV show, our heroes’ stories intersect.

Although James initially rules against the vampires, Sarah eventually manages to insult and threaten him into giving their case a closer review and James enters, with keenly growing fascination, in the deeply bizarre world of real-life vampires.

James and Sarah soon feel the spark of an unlikely attraction and shakily embark on a romance that slowly reveals in each of them a surprising and raw sense of trust and connection.

But as the pressures of their so-different worlds begin to crash in on their burgeoning optimism, as Sarah wrestles with loyalty to her community, as James watches Sarah actually drink blood, and as the clock ticks on the impending IRS ruling, the two are forced to confront whether they have the faith necessary to commit the radical, terrifying act of falling in love.

Doors 6:30 / Movie 7:00 / $10 admission

The Joyful Vampire Tour of America is a 3-month, 40+ city, RV-fueled event and screening tour of the independent feature film, "Bite Me." You can learn all about it and follow along through our weekly docu-series throughout the tour here:



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