A MUSTARDVISION is an immersive series exhibiting arts through the bizarre natures of sound and light!
We aim to redefine your Audio Visual experience pairing Nebraska's most accomplished musicians with technology and theatrics to induce surreal states of synesthesia.
You just have to dance!
Our goal is to seed a new expectation of interaction with the local arts and to foster new avenues of expression within the art community, all while paying homage to the everyday mechanical nature from which we pull our inspirations.

Odinson b2b TrvpSquad

Hailing from the capital city of Lincoln, Nebraska - Jeff Taylor has been making waves all over the Midwest by playing shows & festivals with acts such as: Subtronics, Spag Heddy, AFK, Blunts & Blondes, Dirt Monkey, Peekaboo, Slimez, Ray Volpe, Bleep Bloop, JPhelpz, Mersiv, Proko, NASTY NASTY, Sfam, OG Nixin, and MORE!

Jeff currently produces music on Ableton and has been recognized for his energetic performances and mixing skills throughout the region. TrvpSquad has been on festivals such as 515 Alive Music Festival, River Jam, & Basswoods Music Festival.

String Theory

String Theory is the electrifying experimental dubstep/bass producer duo of cousins Matt Trapp & Pat O'Grady out of Omaha, NE. As you enter into their musical realm, strap in as you're brought along a ravishing ride as String Theory warps music into souls, with twists and turns that are wrapped around each musical bass note, ultimately leaving your mind to be the direct source of musical stimulation.

Linear Symmetry

Chris Story (Keyboards) and Andy Alback (Drums) combined forces in 2013 to form the live-electronica group Linear Symmetry. The duo from Omaha has been on a direct path since their inception and continue to progress to new heights with every performance. Now Huma Haq has joined the crew lending her soaring vocals, stunning violin and incomparable energy to complete the symmetry. They have quickly become known for their tight, energetic live shows which feature moving audible dynamics in the form of organic dance music. Pair this with their brilliant visual package and it’s no surprise they have become festival favorites, late night staples and a group has labeled as one to watch.

After just one experience with the trio, it is clear they formed this bond for a reason. The group works together on stage and in studio with a common goal to send the listener on a sonic journey through their ever expanding catalogue of original dance music. Due to their unrestricted sound and raucous live show, they have the unique capability to seamlessly perform for both rock and electronic audiences. Linear Symmetry has proudly performed alongside EOTO for a string of dates, Shpongle, Twiddle, TAUK, SunSquabi, & The Floozies; while also packing dance floors at festivals such as Dancefestopia, 515 Alive, Blizzard, BloomTown and many more. Their linear path to new heights is not slowing, so be on the ready to get down when Linear Symmetry arrives in your town. #YearofLinear #OrganicDanceMusic

$10 ADV/$15 DOS


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