The Zealots

Rock anthems and melodic instrumentation define the original sound of The Zealots from Bettendorf, Iowa. The music scene is struggling in Iowa, which is why The Zealots are aiming to be something new and different. After forming in the summer of 2014, they started mixing rock genres into a masterpiece. The Zealots are nothing but original.

In late 2014 The Zealots were the first band from Iowa to collaborate with Joey Sturgis & his team at mixingbros.com. They went on to mix & master the single Chips the Fish. After hearing the final version of the song, The Zealots knew they had struck gold. With each song topping their last, who knows what is in store for the future of rock.

The band is comprised of four members: Micah Martin, Ryan Housenga, Benjamin Lange, & Adam Housenga.

Please listen for yourself, you'll be glad you did.

Hazer is a 4-piece rock band from Des Moines, IA. As a band they try not to over-complicate things, because they feel rock music shouldn’t be complicated. They play loud, high-energy, passion-infused rock music. Hazer's music comes from the heart and is not made with the intent that everyone will like it. Hopefully some do - Hopefully some don't. If you’re into catchy guitar riffs, heavy-hitting drums, and leads that come from the land of outer space, you may have just found a match.

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