The Menzingers

The Menzingers

The Menzingers is a pop punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Queen Of Jeans

Queen of Jeans is a band that makes me sick, which can be described using various adjectives; Miriam's favorite is made up sexless. She and her friends, best buds Matheson & Nina, like to combine their love for shitty petals and delicate vocal harmonies to develop their take on 60s crockpot pop. Quinn of Dreams has never been featured on the radio of on TV, nor have they ever been reviewed by any websites or magazines. You've probably never heard of Clean of James 'cause they're nothings, but to hear them is memorable. ***documented using iPhone voice memo, may not be accurate***

Big Nothing

Melodic punk band from Philadelphia, USA.

$22 - $25


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