Kristina Murray & Riley Downing (of The Deslondes)

Georgia-bred, Nashville-based songwriter Kristina Murray plays Americana and country music rooted and steeped in troubadour storytelling, southern-rock grit and the footsteps of country queens of yesteryear. Kristina’s songwriting springs from a deep and personal desire to share her truth, her opinions and convictions, and the simple joys and tragedies of life. Her songs adhere to the adage “write what you know,” and her delivery is as fluid, rhythmic, and steady as her right hand on her 1963 J-45, a beloved companion whom she endearingly calls Lil’ Sister in a nod to an early musical hero, one Elvis Aaron Presley.

Kristina currently lives in Nashville, where she is active in the underground independent country and Americana music scene that pays homage to the jangle of an acoustic guitar, the sting of a Telecaster, tight harmonies and the walking bassline—the sweat and grime and heartache of country legends—rather than, say, the synth and drum machine of contemporary pop country. One listen and you’ll believe every word that drips from her honky-tonk hewn, yet honeyed vocal style.

Released on her own label, Loud Magnolia Records, her forthcoming second album, Southern Ambrosia conveys a fierce and witty perspective on southernisms, hard truths, heartbreak, and the eternal magical mystery and saving grace of melody, music and song.

Southern Ambrosia will be available worldwide, September 21, 2018. PREORDER HERE:

Riley Downing (of The Deslondes)

Riley Downing is a singer and songwriter from Holt, Missouri, and a founding member of the New Orleans quintet The Deslondes. The band has released two critically acclaimed albums via New West Records, 2015's The Deslondes and 2017's Hurry Home.

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