Axel, De Raiz, Jobo

Axel Barragan is a Latin American singer-songwriter based in the United States. His music is a fusion of styles derived from the Andean zone of South America with contemporary sounds such as rock and electronica. Apart from writing his music, Axel is the main drummer in each of his songs which he also performs live as well as singing them. His sound is very particular since it has a bilingual format (Spanish and English) which gives a modern style to his compositions.

De Raiz

Funk Blues Band from New Jersey, U.S.A. Building a Sound with diverse roots since 2013.

As a group, We were born on August 22, 2014; Our members José Manuel Dísla, Arnaudy Camilo, Edwin Camilo & Eudy Camilo started this project with the aim of expressing our opinions and transmitting them to the Dominican society and the Spanish-speaking countries.

Our music is a fusion of Rock, Latin Hard Rock, Caribbean rhythms and Folklore accompanied by lyrics inspired by the history and present of our country, the daily life and the optimism of beginning the change creating conscience.

Voice, Guitar / Jose Manuel Disla
Voice, Guitar / Arnaudy Camilo
Voice and Bass / Edwin Camilo
Battery / Eudy Camilo


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