Kofy Brown Band

Kofy Brown has been in performing for over 20 years, touring worldwide with her uncompromising stage show, winning national audiences in Europe, Canada and the United states.

Kofy Brown has thrived by following her own creative path. She and her band the KBB have developed a reputation for putting on an outstanding live show. Her music is a soulful combination of funk, rock, blues and hip-hop topped off with a singing and rap style she calls word song.

Kofy Brown is co-creator /bass player and one of the lead songwriters and vocalist in the legendary all black girl rock trio Sistas in the Pit.

Kofy Brown is also currently playing drums and vocalizing with her latest project, Skip the Needle. Skip the Needle is comprised of veteran vocalists and musicians, Vicki Randle, Shelley Doty and Katie Colepits. The four women deliver a hard edge blend of soul, funk, rock and more.

Kofy Brown is a fiercely independent recording artist and authentic talent who is based in Oakland CA, the Washington DC native has released eight full length recordings; Live & Delicious 1995, Hungry 1997 Skinny & Tight 1999, Area 32 2001, Love Warrior 2005, Stompin at the Paard – Live in The Netherlands 2006, The Mecca Sessions – Live in San Francisco 2006 and Soul Rock 20008 on her own indie label Simba Music.

Peace & love,
Kofy Brown – Love Warrior

The Onyx is an all black female

music ensemble. This collective of women came together to solidify unity among women of color and to provide an artistic outlet for the female voice to be heard. Hailing from and recalling styles of Oakland, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago, this eclectic group brings soul, rock, funk and latin music to an electrifying peak that will have you on your feet!

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