Camp Candle

Two friends from Philadelphia embark on a journey. A journey full of spirituality and music. They are Camp Candle.

She is Hetepsa, and he is Nu Ra. They met in high school, namely an agricultural high school. W.B Saul High School, an outlet away from the decadence that plagued the city streets. It was very special to both Hetepsa and Nu Ra because they would be able to explore most of the massive 130-acre campus. They both participated in many activities in school.

Living in the city of Philadelphia, they noticed something about their city. Most youth did not have the same outlet they've experienced. Crime is growing at an alarming rate. Schools are being closed every month. The youth need something, enter Camp Candle. The mission of Camp Candle is to use their light to spread it amongst the city. Camp Candle is for the people.

Camp Candle draws it's influences from many places. You can find hints of synth pop, hip hop, indie rock, soul, and many other styles of music. The song writing process of Camp Candle is very unique. Nu Ra, who does 1/2 of the production starts the instrumentation. When Hetepsa brings her flavor, she moves the music along with her lyrics and voice.

While they're recording their music, Camp Candle will also record music videos. This technique helps Camp Candle envision what they want the song to convey. When it's all said and done, the listener will receive both song and music video.

Camp Candle describes their music as "swag-pop". Swag-Pop is a mixture of indie dance, hip hop, and synth-pop. The listeners are in for an amazing experience with Camp Candle.

Camp Candle has released three singles within 2015 and plan to release an EP very soon. Every single is for free download and there are also videos to each single.

Camp Candle plans on touring, connecting with thousands of people, and creating a genuine relationship with all who enjoy their music. One day, they would like to open centers that would help heal people through meditation and music.

Far Places

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