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Nashville native, Abigail Rose showcases her soulful delivery and pop-laden sensibility through her unique sound. Nashville Lifestyle says, ”Abigail Rose is spearheading the pop movement coming out of Nashville. Her sound is sonic gold, mixing pop and hip-hop influences with a rich vocals that carries deep lyricism and haunting melodies.”

The lyricist writes of love and coming of age to authentic and unfiltered music. Her first single, “The risk,” encompasses the same authenticity that Abigail upholds as an artist. “The most terrifying part of a relationship is being vulnerable and naked emotionally, sharing all your thoughts, fears, and dreams,” she explains the feelings behind the song, “We've all seen how the most valuable relationships require you to let your guard down. When you do open up, it can be the best feeling in the world - but, you have to know that it comes with a risk.”

The singer/songwriter is hands-on in her artistic approach, writing her own songs and releasing her music independently.

Abigail spent her teenage years building her foundation around the city, from Puckett’s in Franklin to Nashville’s prestigious Bluebird Café. By age eighteen, she had opened for crowds of ten thousand for acts on headlining tours. After exploring other genres and utilizing experience from her strong musical background, she’s proud to release her most authentic and passionate music to date.

Hadley Kennary is a singer-songwriter whose music is a folk/pop blend of heartfelt, clever lyrics and infectious melodies. Kennary, appropriately pronounced like the bird, started writing music when she was just 14. Now 23, she has graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, independently released an EP and full-length album, and is gearing up for her next EP release. Her warm sound is refreshingly honest and contagiously catchy.

She has graced stages around the country such as SPACE in Chicago and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, as well as several shows in Ireland and the UK. She also appeared on ABC Chicago's "Windy City Live" in July 2014, where she played to an audience of 250,000+. Most notably, she was named a finalist for the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival's Songwriter Showcase in 2015 & 2016 and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival's Troubadour Songwriting Contest in 2015 & 2016, winning 2nd place in June of 2015.

Hadley lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she continues to write, record, and perform live.

Her next release, "Momentum EP", will be available wherever music is sold & streamed August 24th.

"Having such a varied selection of songs to choose from, Hadley Kennary is undoubtedly a concert experience to attend. I stumbled upon Kennary (pronounced like "canary") while exploring listings for upcoming shows, and I'm glad I did. Not only does Hadley Kennary have a beautiful name, she makes some beautiful music." -DigBoston.com

Natik is an urban/pop artist originally from the Rock and Roll Capital of the world, Cleveland Ohio, but just recently moved to Music City in order to pursue his dreams of being a pop music icon. A multi- talented musical powerhouse, Natik produces, writes the lyrics to, and sings on every one of his songs to date. Natik’s blend of crisp harmonies and smoky, smooth verses carry his listeners on a trip through his stories. Some of Natik’s musical influences include Calvin Harris, Odesza, The Weeknd, Nick Jonas and Kygo.
Born on April 22, 1999, in Cleveland, Ohio, Natik was introduced to music at 6 years old with classical piano. He is a ninth-generation pianist in his family, and began playing with the help of his grandparents, who both are piano teachers. He began learning and playing jazz/rock piano at 12 years old, and later went on to lead his own band (MixedElements) in the 7th grade. With the help of his bandmates, they wrote and recorded an album by their freshman year, and played over 20 shows in the Cleveland area.
Natik began his solo career in his sophomore year of high school under his actual name, Nathan Kim. He wrote, sang, and recorded 5 records from his home studio in Cleveland, Ohio. He continued to produce records for himself and other artists throughout high school, and eventually adopted the stage name Natik; under this name, he released his first single, “Waterfalls”, in January of 2016. Under his new stage name, Natik’s music began to shift towards a pop style with an electric undertone, incorporating elements of funk and jazz that he grew up around. His most popular song to date is “Escape”, released in January of 2018, surpassing 100 thousand plays in over 50 countries.
Natik has been featured in The Land Unplugged, an exclusive concert series in Cleveland’s biggest recording studio. He continues to make contributions to a number of projects with his skills in production, writing, and singing. Natik is currently preparing an EP, expecting to release by the end of October 2018.

The Pressure Kids

nashville-based indie rock band the pressure kids have been together long enough to see some shit. since forming as college freshmen in the fall of 2013, they’ve survived lineup changes, deceptive ex-managers, sexist industry advisors. seen each other through breakups, makeups, promotions, graduation dinners. through every up & down, every moment of triumph & turmoil that inevitably comes with the coming of age, nick, allan, katy, justin & zach have always connected over their love of songs that make you feel something. melodies that score the moment you fall apart at the party, then piece yourself together on the drive home.

it’s 2019, and the pressure kids have closed their collegiate chapter, landing fully in the throes of young adulthood. after releasing two well-received singles in 2018 - the rowdier “team” in october & the tender “fever” in july, the latter of which was featured on spotify’s new music friday playlist - the pressure kids have sprinted into the new year with a new music video (one that would make the late, great john hughes proud, according to flood magazine), new single "and another one," and self-titled debut EP. the six-song offering includes those three singles, along with three new tracks, one of which was played in its earliest iteration at the first show of the band’s career (at an abandoned laundromat turned DIY space, no less). its closing track, however, was written just before new year’s & recorded in january 2019, making the EP as a whole a uniquely definitive statement, one that reveals exactly where the pressure kids have been, and exactly where they’re going.

the pressure kids showcases a young band at the height of creativity and determination, pairing evocative melodies with rich instrumental textures, altogether handcrafted and highlighted by the kind of wise-beyond-your-years youthfulness that only strikes when you really are twenty-three or twenty-four years old. listening feels like forever scoring an invite to the party, and never wanting to leave. and why would you? nick, allan, katy, justin & zach really hope you’ll stay.







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