The Babe Rainbow

The Babe Rainbow

Babe Rainbow come from the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, in a town renowned for surf, festivals and good music, and a slightly alternative feel. Byron Bay. Well, a little further north at Golden Beach. They come loosely from the same staple as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and are similarly enamoured of the less murky side of 60's psychedelia. Their album, Double Rainbow epitomises the summer vibe with its mellifluous harmonies, second-gear beat architecture and bright acoustics. Double Rainbow has some influences from the 60's such as The Beatles and Grateful Dead, as you'll read elsewhere, but what it really reminded me of was J.J Cale’s Naturally. Listen to ‘Darby and Joan’ and tell me you don’t hear ‘Call Me the Breeze’. Not only the song structure but J.J Cale’s easy swagger and insouciance. Front porch therapy. Replete with tropical aromas, gentle breezes and cool temperament.

Tim Hill (of Allah-Las)

Although adept keyboardist Tim Hill is most known for being a touring member of Allah-Las,
his upcoming 7” on newly founded Calico Discos label finds him quite comfortable behind the
acoustic guitar (and 4-track recorder)...
The A side of his first 7", ‘Paris, Texas’ (inspired by the film of the same name and written
around the time of Harry Dean Stanton's death), is steeped in the American folk tradition of
Dylan and the Band, but manages to sound both fresh and from another time. Beginning with a
moody harmonica line over a steady, plodding groove, Tim croons the line “Hey hey, hey you,
you there with the blank stare, where’d you go I need to know" sincerely delivering a message of
a lost soul longing. The pensive vibe of the track perfectly captures the quiet desolation and
beauty of its namesake film.
The B side is a cover of Warren Zevon’s 'Steady Rain', chosen because Hill “just wanted to play
that guitar part over and over.” Tim’s version begins with a bit of backwards guitar and piano,
before kicking into a mellow mid-tempo shuffle with the soul of the original still very much
Both songs were recorded by Tim Hill at home on a Tascam 246 cassette four track recorder,

backing himself on every instrument. These two tracks are just the tip of the iceberg for Hill-
he’s collected enough material for a full length record, planned for later this year. Look for Tim

Hill’s debut single ‘Paris, Texas’ b/w ’Steady Rain’, coming soon on Calico Discos records.



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