Longspells, Dot Dash, False Tracks


Longspells is a musical act comprised of four Caucasian males that reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Past/present musical work experiences for these individuals included memberships in A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Public Record, Fantastic Imagination, and Arc in Round. Referral for band participation began in summer of 2014 after concerns had been expressed by all members that a new artistic/social outlet could work towards improving quality of life, and assist with each individual’s unique process of self-actualization. Rewards/consequences have been contingent on the members’ execution of musical concepts, creativity, practice/live performances, and humility. Focus groups have largely: 1) tapped their feet to the rhythms; 2) nodded their heads to the rhythms; 3) clapped after song performances; 4) described Longspells as "jangly"; 5) described Longspells as "complex"; 6) believed Longspells might "make it."

Dot Dash

Dot Dash is from Washington D.C. Their music has been described as power pop, garage, punk, post punk, indiepop, and indie rock. Their new record is called Proto Retro.

False Tracks

10 songs, 20 minutes...These are False Tracks. No need to hesitate. Members of Royal Shoals, Ropers, Lilys, Pink Skull, Snow Fairies.



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